dissecting urban space, architecture, cultural meaning and myth through the act of walking (in used shoes) and narration in chinatown/oldtown - portland, oregon


The Pit

I presented by book/map to the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association this afternoon. They were a really nice group of people. This particular gentleman thanked me for having my main character be a homeless person. He was really cool. He was wearing a beret with a peacock feather that was about 2 feet long and his beard was about the same length. That made me feel good because I already felt a little weird presenting a story about a homeless alcoholic to a group of people that take alot of pride in their neighborhood. I've come to believe that they truely embrace the diversity of their neighborhood. A couple of other people thanked me for gifting them a piece of art for and about Old Town. I had a planned speech written out but as usual with planned speeches (for me), as soon as I started talking, my brain becomes jello and I wing it. I think it went well though.

I worked on some threshold moments tonight. I need to flesh this building out in the next few days. We have 8 more days until finals. Ouch!

Here's a new perspective/collage of the auditorium area...

OK it's 4:23 am, I'm going to bed. It's been a long day.


entrance to the Narratorium

I'm thinking about this idea where a visitor to the Narratorium has to go through a significant series of thresholds to get to the auditorium - just as one would have to hike into the campsite to reach the campfire. As one walks through the forest, glimpses can be found through the trees to orient yourself to where the campfire is. This collage/perspective is at the entrance, starting up the stairs. The "campfire" is not yet visible.
After ascending the stairs, the "campfire" - or light well - is fully visible and a ramp spirals down the side of it. At the bottom is the seating, which is situated in a circular fashion.